CYC Junior Division
Helpful Information for Parents


Welcome to the Crescent Yacht Club Junior Division! It is our goal for your child to not only learn the sports of swimming and sailing but also have fun in a “kid-friendly” group environment. To that end, here are some tips on how to help your child be prepared and successful.

  • Each day your child should come with a properly fitting life jacket, closed-toed water shoes (old sneakers work fine or just the simple water shoe sold at most department stores work well), swimsuit (full piece for girls please), towel, lunch, and water bottle. Waterproof sunscreen should be applied prior to arriving and staff will assist in reapplying it when requested. Sailing gloves are not required but can help to prevent blisters and rope burn.

  • We will have Fun Days for Juniors and Seniors on assigned dates. Each will be themed and prizes will be given! The counselor's cookout for the children, if your child wishes they can bring a hot dog or hamburger (and bun) to put on the grill. Paper plates and condiments are provided.

  • In the event of any injury or illness, we will make every effort to reach you via the phone numbers we have been provided and will take all measures to obtain prompt and appropriate medical care for your child. If you will be not available any day at the numbers you have provided, please notify the staff in writing as to the best way to reach you.



  • Any concerns or issues should be brought to the immediate attention of the Program (CAMP) Director or any Board Member.

  • Communication during the day is primarily done via radios. You will be provided an emergency number at the start of Camp.

  • Please remind your child that any activity around the water can be dangerous and following directions is vitally important for them to be safe and have fun. The staff will alert you to any concerns they may have with your child so you can assist us in this process.

  • We will hold several Virtual Events this year to help prepare for summer and encourage you and your sailors to attend. Please check social media for the most up-to-date information.

Thank you for allowing your child to spend time with us this summer. We have an amazing energetic staff that is excited about this year’s program. I am sure your children will enjoy themselves while learning about the water!

What to Bring to Sailing!

*Please label all personal items!


All participants and staff will be required to wear a mask or buff at all times on land and on the water (unless single-handing) in accordance with CDC and State guidelines. We recommend sending multiple with your child in case one gets wet.


US Coast Guard Approved PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES (PFDs) are required to be worn by all sailors and instructors at all times on the docks and while on the water. A properly fitted  US Coast Guard Approved Type III PFD is suggested and approved for all students by New York State. In addition, we recommend that a whistle be attached to the PFD. All PFD’s will be checked for proper fit on the first day! The sailing school will provide life jackets for those who don’t have a personal one or for those that do fit properly.


All sailors are required to wear NON-MARKING CLOSED-TOE water shoes while involved in the Sailing Program. Flip-flops and sandals are not permitted. You want shoes that can get wet and not fall off during capsize drills. Non-skid shoes are important for stable footing while sailing and to protect feet from splinters and other sharp objects on the docks or in the water.


Sailors are required to wear sunscreen. Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to his/her lesson, and send in their personal sunscreen, labeled with their name, for re-application throughout the day. Sunscreen will be encouraged to be reapplied before and after every time on the water.


We encourage ALL sailors to wear hats and sunglasses to protect them from harmful UV rays. Hats keep the sun off their forehead and noses and keep hair from getting stuck in the boom/mainsheet. We also recommend lanyards and hat clips to prevent them from being lost or blown off.


Dress appropriately for the conditions. At a minimum, T-shirts and shorts must be worn at all times. Be sure to pack a dry change of clothes as there is a good likelihood that you will get wet! Wicking or rash guard shirts are suggested.


Students will be on the water and swimming often. Please pack a bathing suit for your student.


Staying hydrated is important! We recommend water or juice diluted with water, not soda or sugary drinks. As part of this sailing program, our students will learn ways to be better stewards of our environment. For that reason, we encourage a re-usable water bottle. We do have a filtrated water filling station but the water fountain will not be able to be used due to COVID-19 Restriction. PLEASE, NO GLASS CONTAINERS!


Please provide a healthy lunch, drink, and snacks for your child. Lunches can be kept in the refrigerator. We do not have the ability to cook or prepare food but do have a microwave for reheating. Please label your child’s lunch clearly. 


Please label any towels you send with your sailor.


Bring a tote bag or backpack.